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Advisor Connect is online platform for the modern financial advisor, manager, and enterprise. The platform helps advisors to not only form an aggregate of compatible prospects, but also helps to maintain client relationships. For the manager, AC helps empower you to make data-driven decisions on potential candidates. At the enterprise level, the platform mitigates mundane guesswork, allowing advisors and managers to focus on what’s important.  





Insights and validation. The AC team and I decided to flush out a formal research process to provide insights into new developments, and validate, or sometimes disprove the design decisions made in the current product. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to take a step back.

I conducted interviews with a range of advisors, all at different points in their careers, and synthesized that data into common behaviors and attitudes to be represented in 3 personas.




As with most digital products, a story needs to be told. In order for Advisor Connect to tell their story, we decided to map out the AC user journey as it relates to the existing condition. This map would help to identify the current hurdles in the advisor experience, and the resolutions AC has designed to counter them.